Certainty® Protective Technologies 

360 degree protection

With game-changing products and solutions, Certainty Technologies offer a measure of certainty in an uncertain world.

From antimicrobial and fluid barrier fabric technologies that help garments resist smells, spills, and stains to an FDA-cleared antimicrobial ointment that helps reduce your risk of infection from airborne pathogens, Certainty delivers 360 degree protection – and plenty of peace of mind.


Developed by the global leader in medical apparel, Careismatic Brands' suite of Certainty Protective Technologies offers a growing range of products and solutions to protect you and your family at work, at home, and everywhere in between.

Antimicrobial Laundry Additive

Certainty SmartBoost

This bleach-free, nontoxic laundry additive works with your regular detergent to infuse your entire laundry load with powerful protection against bacteria that cause odor and fabric degradation, for long-lasting, clean-smelling freshness that lasts until the next washing.

Skin Ointment and Nasal Decolonizer

Certainty SmartShield

This gentle, prescription-strength formula, approved for people age 2 and up, provides hours of continuous antimicrobial protection, acting as a first line of defense against airborne pathogens entering through the skin or nose.


Featuring two Certainty fabric technologies

Cherokee® Revolution Tech Masks

These washable, reusable, triple-layer masks are made with scrubs fabric with integrated Certainty antimicrobial and fluid barrier technologies.

With integrated Certainty fabric technologies

Medical Apparel and Footwear

Careismatic Brands, the world leader in medical apparel, offers a growing number of scrubs, lab coats, footwear, and accessories with Certainty antimicrobial and/or fluid barrier technologies.

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