Technologies designed for demanding environments

Certainty Protective Technologies™ can be found in a variety of products from medical apparel, footwear and masks to a laundry additive and antimicrobial skin and nasal ointment. These technologies add one or more levels of protection – and peace of mind – at work, at home, and all points in between.


Certainty antimicrobial
fabric technologies

Integrated into our medical apparel and footwear or added to your home laundry, Certainty antimicrobial fabric technologies inhibit bacteria that cause odor and fabric damage, so items look and smell fresh.

Certainty® fluid barrier

fabric technologies

Some our scrubs, lab coats, and footwear products feature integrated fluid barrier technology which repels spills and stains. Instead of soaking through, most liquids and oils simply bead up and roll off.

Certainty® SmartShield Antimicrobial Ointment

This gentle, FDA-cleared formula is a first aid wound dressing and nasal decolonizer. On the skin, it protects wounds against infection while promoting healing. In the nose, works to trap and help kill airborne pathogens, reducing the risk of getting or spreading an infection.


Detergent cleans.  Certainty®
SmartBoost™ protects.

Now you can protect every load of laundry with Certainty SmartBoost, powered by BIOSAFE® antimicrobial fabric technology, and reduce the risk of bringing unwanted microorganisms home. Certainty SmartBoost eliminates bacteria that cause odors and fabric degradation.


Hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, non-bleaching, perfume and dye-free, Certainty SmartBoost is safe for all machine-washable fabrics in all temperatures.

Certainty SmartBoost works with your favorite detergent to protect your scrubs and other laundry. It’s simple to use. Just pour one capful into the fabric softener port, or add it to the rinse cycle and let your machine do the work.

Medical apparel and footwear with Certainty Protective Technologies

Certainty antimicrobial and fluid barrier technologies are integrated into a growing number of scrubs, lab coats, and footwear from leading brands like Cherokee Uniforms, Infinity by Cherokee, Dickies Medical, and Anywear footwear.


Look for the Certainty logo with the corresponding letter designations

to find items featuring one or both protections:


A (antimicrobial)
technology inhibits bacteria that cause odor and fabric damage


B (fluid barrier)
technology repels liquids, spills, and stains



An OTC medication that works
to trap, kill, and prevent the spread
of airborne pathogens

This FDA-cleared petrolatum-based antimicrobial ointment works double duty to protect against pathogens such as influenza, MRSA, and many other infectious viruses.  When used in the nose – a common entry point – it traps and helps kill airborne pathogens, helping reduce the risk of getting or spreading an infection. Used on the skin, it helps protect wounds against infection and promotes healing. 


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Wash all items thoroughly after each use. Items featuring antimicrobial technology do not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses, or disease organisms. Items with fluid barrier technology are not waterproof, nor should they be used as personal protective equipment. Always follow all best practices for infection prevention.
Do not ingest Certainty SmartBoost.