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Trusted by hospitals,
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A first aid kit essential.

When used in conjunction with handwashing, physical distancing, and other recommended precautions, Certainty SmartShield can help you and your family stay safe and protected.


Apply it in your nose 2-3 times a day to reduce the risk of viruses and other pathogens multiplying in your nasal passages – helping protect you and those around you from infection.


Keep it around as a first line of defense for superficial wounds and burns. Certainty SmartShield works to eradicate a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and yeasts as it helps protect healing skin. And unlike antibiotic-based treatments, the active ingredient – benzalkonium chloride – has been in wide use for decades with no known resistance.


The Hexagen® formula powering SmartShield has been widely used at hospitals and is now available without a prescription for use by adults and children over 2 years old. Make Certainty SmartShield a part of your personal protection routine by ordering it now.

Certainty SmartShield acts as a first line of defense against pathogens entering through the skin or nose. This double-duty formula by Hexagen® is now available without a prescription as an over-the-counter (OTC) nasal decolonizer and wound dressing.


The gentle, petrolatum-based ointment provides instant, continuous protection against a broad spectrum of harmful fungi, bacteria, and viruses – including influenza, MRSA, staph, and many other infectious viruses.


Applied 2-3 times a day in the nose, a common entry point for many infectious organisms, Certainty SmartShield traps and kills airborne pathogens, helping reduce the risk of getting or spreading an infection.

Harsh on pathogens,
gentle on you.

Certainty SmartShield’s innovative extended-release formula delivers potent medication in a petrolatum-based ointment, similar to petroleum jelly.


It’s more effective than liquid antiseptics (like iodine or alcohol) at stopping staph, MRSA, and human coronaviruses [1], but extremely gentle – even on open wounds and nasal passages


A little dab starts working in seconds, without irritation or tissue damage. The petrolatum in the ointment works as a barrier, physically trapping pathogens that lead to infection and illness. The extended-release antiseptic ingredients work to eradicate organisms and help prevent them from replicating, providing protection that lasts for hours.


A 2020 study using human coronavirus showed Certainty SmartShield reduces viral load by 98% within two hours after application with zero damage to healthy cells. [1]


[1] ASTM International. "Standard test method to assess the activity of microbicides against viruses
in suspension." ASTM E1052-11 (2011).

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Wash all items thoroughly after each use. Items featuring antimicrobial technology do not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses, or disease organisms. Items with fluid barrier technology are not waterproof, nor should they be used as personal protective equipment. Always follow all best practices for infection prevention.
Do not ingest Certainty SmartBoost.