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Detergent cleans.

Certainty SmartBoost protects.

Infuse your laundry with powerful protection against mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria. Certainty SmartBoost is a water-based laundry additive that works with your favorite detergent to protect your clothing between washings.

  • Works on all machine-washable fabrics

  • Works in all temperatures

  • Non-bleaching and non-toxic

  • Safe to use on infant clothing and fabrics that touch food

  • Easy to use



Will Certainty SmartBoost clean my clothes?

No, it is not a detergent. Instead, Certainty SmartBoost works with your favorite laundry detergent to provide protection between launderings. 


How is Certainty SmartBoost different from other in-laundry antimicrobial fabric treatments?

  1. Certainty SmartBoost eliminates guesswork because it is added to the fabric softener port when you start your load – you don’t have to wait around for your machine to get to the rinse cycle. 

  2. One ounce (less than a capful) protects an entire load. Other brands require 3 to 5 times more; most people don’t use enough of the other brands to get the protection they promise.

  3. Other brands just work in the moment. Certainty SmartBoost protects your fabrics between laundrings.


How many washes are in a bottle?

With its concentrated formula, one small bottle of Certainty SmartBoost can do approximately 20 loads of laundry, the most of all comparable products! 


Can Certainty SmartBoost be used on all fabrics?

Yes, Certainty SmartBoost can be used on any machine-washable fabric. Certainty SmartBoost does not contain bleach and may be safely used on colors and darks.


Will bleach or other laundry products interact with the antimicrobial in Certainty SmartBoost?

You can continue to use bleach and your regular laundry detergent. If you use liquid fabric softener, your clothes won't get the added protection. We recommend using dryer sheets instead.

How long does a Certainty SmartBoost treatment last?

Certainty SmartBoost is designed to protect garments between washes. Certainty SmartBoost will wash out during launderings, so you must add it every time you wash your clothes to maintain the antimicrobial protection.

Is there any way to mess up using Certainty SmartBoost?

As long as you add Certainty SmartBoost into the softener port of your washing machine, you cannot mess it up. If you mix Certainty SmartBoost with your detergent, you won’t harm your clothes, but they won’t get the added protection. 


How do I know Certainty SmartBoost is working?

Because Certainty SmartBoost is invisible it is impossible to see that it is working. As long as you use it properly when you do your laundry, it will do its job.

Is Certainty SmartBoost safe?

Yes. It uses an EPA-registered and FDA-cleared antimicrobial. As such, the underlying antimicrobial has undergone extensive testing. Click here for more testing and safety information.

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